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Forum On Work Calendar Updated

Masonic Education

The Bridge City Masonic Lodge # 1345 Event Calendar has been updated with the 2015 “Forum On Work” schedule for Right Worshipful Duane Anthony.

If you are interested in getting your certificate on work, it is highly recommended you attend one of these forums.  They cover floor work, opening/closing lodges, degrees, etc.  Most forums are followed by an exam were you will be tested on your knowledge of the work.

Upon successful completion of the exam, your lodge will be presented with the appropriate certificate for your tested level.  It is recommended that all upcoming lodge officers attend a forum on work prior to taking office.

Called Meeting For EA Degree

The Bridge City Masonic Lodge will be hosting an Entered Apprentice degree on Monday March 05, 2012 at 07:00pm.  There will be dinner proceeding the degree at approximately 06:15pm.

All current members of the Bridge City Lodge are encouraged to attend, and members of other Masonic Lodges are invited to attend to help show our support for a friend entering our fraternity.

Worshipful Master Ronnie Richard