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Corner Stone Ceremony For Bridge City Lodge #1345

The Bridge City Masonic Lodge will be celebrating it’s own corner stone laying on June 23, 2012 at 2:00pm to commemorate our newly remodeled lodge building.  All Master Masons, Fellowcraft, Entered Apprentices, families and friends are invited to attend this event.  Snacks will be provided after the corner stone laying ceremony.

An opening presentation by the Grand Lodge of Texas will be held at 1:00pm.  All Master Masons are invited to attend this opening presentation.

Worshipful Master:  Ronnie Richard

Lodge Construction Update

The remodelling project to the Bridge City Lodge has rounded the halfway point of construction so I thought I would give a quick update for those individuals who may not have been able to make it past the lodge yet to check it out.

The slab was poured and the new addition framed up.  The new entry door and replacement windows have been installed.  The bricking should be completed this week barring any bad weather, and the drywall went up yesterday and should be completed by today.

Next will come paint, trim and a LOT of cleanup.  I will try and have some tile samples by our lodge meeting on the 24th so that the brothers can vote on their choice of colors for the new tile.

If there are any members who perhaps haven’t attended a lodge meeting in a while, now is the perfect time to become active again and check out the new and improved Bridge City Lodge.

Lodge add-on and remodeling discussion


The Bridge City Masonic Lodge has recently been discussing having the exterior of the lodge building bricked.  Bids have been received on doing the work for the lodge and have been discussed in past lodge meetings.

The subject has also been brought up of having the lodge extended on one side of the building for additional needed storage, and having the entry door relocated back to the original side it was previously on.  Also included with this expansion would be having the lodge flooring replaced with tile.  This add-on and flooring would be in addition to the exterior bricking.

The following drawing will give you an idea of what the expansion project would encompass.  (Click on the image to enlarge)


Lodge Expansion Proposal


The expansion project will be discussed at our next stated meeting on 02-28-12.  Lodge members are encouraged to attend the meeting to offer their opinions regarding the proposal.